2016 Season 4 iRacing Ruf GT3 Challenge

13 teammates battled against the world. The highest scores from eight weeks are counted. The lowest four scores for each driver are dropped.  Below you will see the overall points and where the drivers ranked within their own divisional standings.

Porsche Ruf GT3 Overall Championship Final Standings

PosDriverDivDivisional RankClubWks CountedStartsWinsTop 5PolesAvg StartAvg FinishLapsLaps LedIncChamp Points
Jason Glaze341st / 801Virginias84632757696870261670
2Jerry Foerhkolb76th / 600Penn8351701197361188511
3Jim Ray612th / 644California816051108347070482
4Ken Soszka722nd / 600Florida856170121010979319380
5Greg Bernardo641st / 644California8140211110244067371
6Larry Krupp3138th / 801Michigan7100001412182047365
7Shad Curren6117th / 644Ohio511010149240041223
8Guy Pitra5127th / 695Illinois680101410121020222
9Scott McClendon927th / 208Great Plains4911113111682057147
10Chester Barkin5324th / 695California2300016105903680
11Milt Minter Jr3611th / 801California1200018154001254
12Bradley Otto7346th / 600California11010531501247
13Ed Finley9169th / 208New York12000151670913