Frequently Asked Questions

Is this real?
No, but it sure looks like it. is motorsports simulation to most and a game to some.  iRacing is the leading online racing simulation. Developed from the beginning as a centralized racing and competition service, iRacing organizes, hosts and officiates races on virtual tracks all around the world. In the fast paced world of esports,  iRacing is a one stop shop for online racing. We utilize the latest technologies to recreate our ever expanding lineup of famed race cars and tracks.

What is endurance team racing?
Endurance events are road races of 4 to 24 hours in duration, where multiple drivers take turns driving the same car. Endurance races end when the clock runs out, rather than ending when a certain number of laps have been achieved. iRacing handles driver changes extremely well, allowing multiple drivers to first join a race and then join a specific car team for that race.  Our Team typically fields multiple cars in each event with 3-6 drivers per car depending on what makes the most sense for each specific race.

What are the license requirements?
A D-Class road license or above is required for Team membership and participation in our practice sessions.  Your iRating is not a concern.  You do need to either already own any cars/tracks that may be required for a specific race, or purchase them yourself. ( Note: iRacing’s minimum license requirements for registration in endurance events is a class D with a safety rating of 4.0 or better )

What are the hardware requirements?
At a minimum you must have a steering-wheel as an input controller. No joysticks, mice, hand-helds or touch screens.

Do I need any software besides iRacing?
Yes, we use Discord for race communications and use  TradingPaints to ensure the official team paints schemes are visible.

What are the participation expectations?
The Team’s focus is around the iRacing Word Tour events and one or two iRacing weekly series, as well as other team events that iRacing may host in the future.  While you are encouraged to run Team paint schemes in any individual iRacing series, single driver races will not count towards your participation obligations.

  • Members are expected to contribute to the team in some capacity a minimum of 2 team events per calendar year.  Participation can be as a driver, spotter, developing set-ups, or assisting behind the scenes with coordination.
  • Drivers are also expected to join at least one team practice sessions for an upcoming world tour event.  We often scheduled our Team practice as 12-24 hour “drop-in” sessions so that drivers across multiple time zones can join and leave as needed.
  • Drivers entered in a particular race should invest approximately the same amount of time behind the wheel of the car as they will acting in a spotter/crew-chief role during the event.  This does not need to be a 1:1 ratio, but fairness and equity is expected.

Does the team have a discussion forum?
Yes, we have our own private Donkey Bop Racing Team forum and we use that extensively.  All team members are expected to monitor and/or log-in to the forum on a regular basis.  If you have signed up for a specific event you should be checking the thread for that event on a daily basis.

Why do you require my phone number?
Should a network outage, system crash or hardware failure occur during an event, and they always do, we need a way to to get in touch with you quickly to communicate status that may impact the schedule.

Can I pick my teammates for a race?
Races are always “op-in” events and as such we rarely have the same set of drivers enrolled any event. You can make suggestions for the drivers assigned to a particular car from the list of drivers that have signed-up to be in a race, but that is no guarantee.  The final decision on driver  composition for each car belongs to Team owner Jim Ray and will be based upon things like timezone coverage and driver availability as well as car and driver counts for each event.

Can I pick my driving stints for a race?
We always try to be as accommodating as possible but the single most difficult part of managing the Team is scheduling.  You can request a block for a specific time slot when you are NOT available, but similar to teammate assignments this is the Team Owner’s call based upon a variety of factors. Each Team Captain may alter the schedule during an event to adjust to issues as they arise.