2017 Season 1 iRacing Kamel GT Championship

Nine teammates battled against the world. The highest scores from eight weeks are counted. The lowest four scores for each driver are dropped.  Below you will see the overall points and where the drivers ranked within their own divisional standings.

Porsche Ruf GT3 Overall Championship Final Standings

PosDriverDivDivisional RankClubWks CountedStartsWinsTop 5PolesAvg StartAvg FinishLapsLaps LedIncChamp Points
1Larry Krupp42Michigan81508076255176510
2Trevor Clement44West710260551832938457
3Jerry Foehrkolb47Pennsylvania614090662341352295
4Ken Soszka72Florida81706087300098282
5Milt Minter Jr318California360514410709239
6Greg Bernardo74California4602076100029151
7Guy Pitra65Illinois3703097103013139
8Jim Ray412California440108954019114