Donkey Bop Scores a Podium Finish in The Bathurst 1000
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Donkey Bop Scores a Podium Finish in The Bathurst 1000

On October 8th, 2017 the Donkey Bop Racing Team entered two Holden V8 Supercars into the illustrious Bathurst 1000 team race at Mt. Panorama.  Five drivers gave it their all and had blast trying to finish one of the most difficult races to complete.  The team paid tribute to the late Tom Petty with song inspired team names.

#001 Donkey Bop – Won’t Back Down (Larry Krupp and Tom Newman-Morris)
#002 Donkey Bop – Free Fallin’ (Greg Bernardo, JF Godin and Jim Ray)

The cars ended up in two different splits with the #001 having far less luck than the #002. The #001 came back strong after some early race adversity. They salvaged a solid 8th place finish by the time it was over. In the other split the #002 car was very lucky and kept the car clean en-rout to a podium finish. The “Free Fallin'” team finished 3rd in what was one of the most grueling 5+ hours of sim racing imaginable.  Kudos to the entire Donkey Bop Team for the assistance leading up the event and big props to the drivers who helped keep our steak alive at 16 consecutive iRacing Endurance events with a team car still running at the end.  Big thanks to Ken Soszka for the great team paints.

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